Death Threat / Rude Awakening split TBR: 039


the new DEATH THREAT / RA split 12"! 4 songs from both bands. Pressing info, track listing, etc. listed below. These will come with digital download slips. stream the whole thing at

Death Threat- March of the Nephilim / Sure Suicide
Death Threat- Only the Lawless Remain
Death Threat- Dead Serious
Death THreat- Nineteen Ninety-Hate
RA- Higher Power
RA- Damaged Goods
RA- Rat Race
RA- Severed Ties

Pressing Information

Test Press (out of 20)
Red/Black Swirl (out of 200)
Black (out of 500)
Red (out of 700)
Record Release Weekend on Red/Black Swirl #'d out of 100