A musically gifted orphan, Lon (Haylen Trammel), runs away from his orphanage and searches Atlanta for his birth parents. On his journey, he's taken under the wing of the Wizard (Lucky Hunter), a homeless man who lives in an abandoned theater. After discovering his talent, the Wizard gives Lon the name "Big Lon" and devises a plan to profit from his talent. Little does Lon know that his parents, Keb (Kaleb Perdue) and Yoon (Yoonsang Doo), are searching for him too. The stars eventually align and the 4 begin using their talents in musicianship for good. ABUSE OF POWER was born, raging onto the scene with catchy riffs, singalongs, and raging breakdowns in the vein of Outspoken, Chain of Strength, and Resurrection. The Atlanta quartet plan on spreading their ferocious tunes to the world now and forever.

Tour Dates:
July 5 - Worcester, MA @the Palladium w/Have Heart, One Step Closer, Brother, Anxious
July 11 - Los Angeles, CA @The Belasco Theater w/Have Heart, Rotting Out, Initiate, Anxious
July 12 - Los Angeles, CA @The Beleasco Theater w/Division of Mind, Wild Side, Dominant Force
July 19 - Wurzburg, Germany w/Have Heart, Mil-Spec, Tides Denied, Faim
July 20 - Cologne, Germany w/Have Heart, Spirit Crusher, Spark
July 21 (early show) - Leeds, UK w/Have Heart, The Flex, Mil-Spec, World of Difference
July 21 - Leeds, UK w/Have Heart, Big Cheese, Payday, Stages In Faith