RESTRAINING ORDER "This World Won't Listen" LP Pre-Orders UP NOW

Posted on September 27th, 2019

Debut LP from Western MA / CT's RESTRAINING ORDER is now up! Stream the first single "Don't Really Think" on all digital outlets now. Full Record drops October 25. They'll be hitting the road for a record release weekend November 1 -3 in the Northeast with ANTAGONIZE.


Posted on September 11th, 2019

On their final LP, Wolf Whistle slow down a step to explore the existential dread in the residential areas of their youth. A gruesome true crime story that points the finger at a host of offenders, from the local “Meat Man” to heaven’s own last line of defense: St. Peter. There is little innocence left in this sweaty cul-de-sac of Melvins-esque primal punk. “Private Hell…” is oppressive humidity captured sonically, a detailed account of a specific suburban misery. A bug-zapper hums through the background of 11 songs, as old skeletons get unearthed behind the toolshed of your parents' home. Vocals reverberate like your neighbors' domestic disturbance; a muffled echo off vinyl siding. As you contemplate a swan dive into a drained in-ground pool, you realize 25 minutes have passed. Did you notice the melted ice cream dripping down your arm?


1. Warm Blue Hell
2. Lawnmower Man
3. Chainpull
4. Miles & Miles
5. Green Leaves of Late July
6. Your Dog Lives (In Pomerania)
7. Good Gods
8. Pilgrims
9. Peace Be With You
10. The Cush Hole

11. Meat Man

NEVER ENDING GAME "Just Another Day" CD / LP Pre-Orders UP NOW

Posted on September 9th, 2019

Debut LP from Detroit's NEVER ENDING GAME. Stream the first track "God Forgives..." everywhere now. 3 colors are available on a first come, first serve basis. Records will ship around the street date October 11. All orders come with a free digital download on October 11. Hit the store to purchase!


1. Evil Minds

2. Puppet

3. Just Another Day

4. God Forgives...

5. N.E.G. Jams

6. Bleeding

7. Stolen Life

8. Cemetery Dreams

9. Every Day I Hate

10. 1 Of Those Nights

ANXIOUS - Never Better 7" OUT NOW

Posted on August 23rd, 2019

Debut 7" from CT's, ANXIOUS, is OUT NOW! Stream the entire thing on all digital outlets or on the BBB Bandcamp. 7"s are in stock and shipping now. 3 colors available at a first come, first serve basis.


Posted on August 16th, 2019

The System thrives on human lives. This time you recognize the body they’ve thrown on the pile. A loved one, a dear uncle. Last time you saw him you had just got a copy of Grand Theft Auto III, now he’s in for Grand Theft Auto. You’re used to it at this point, he’s been in and out of San Quentin since before you were born. You’re smart so you realize this is all just set up to prey on people and as you see your mother and brother added to the pile, you think “is this a sniper’s nest? When will I inevitably be picked off?”

Your uncle dies drunk driving a motorcycle, you watch your mother struggle to find jobs, your brother calls you every couple of days asking you to put money on his jpay. You rethink the next time you want to get in a fight, you rethink what you carry in your pockets, you drive a little more carefully.

EP is streaming everywhere now! Pick up a 12" from the webstore.